He decided to meet the mysterious man. But outside the workmen’s café the street was empty. Johnson returned to the pub and ordered his first glass of whisky. Three hours later, Johnson was very drunk. Then the dark-suited man appeared in the pub. He sat down on the left side of Johnson.

—“Hello Professor Johnson” he said.
—“You’re the man that has been following me for so many days!” Johnson cried loudly in the pub.
—“Yes, and I need you to tell me about the S.E.B ! ” he said.
—“What? About the S.E.B.?” Johnson cried again. All of the workers around were surprised.
—“Yes, all about the Spherical Empty Balloon,” the mysterious man repeated.

Johnson waited for many seconds, angry, and finally started to explain what his theory of the empty balloon was:
—“ The empty balloon is a perfect spherical structure void of air”.
—“Who are you to say such nonsense?” the old lady exclaimed.
—“Yes, take that stupid man to a psychiatric hospital” a worker added.
—“Shut up!” Johnson said and then the two men changed place.

When they were alone the mysterious man said to Johnson
—“Very well! I have good news for you, I can help you”
—“You? It’s impossible, no scientist believes me, and I don’t think you can help me,” Johnson said to the dark-suited man.
—“But what I say is true,” the man said.

One minute later, the mysterious man proposed a date to Johnson:
—“Meet me tomorrow, near an old warehouse named ‘Black Pig’s meal’ at 1.30pm”

Johnson accepted and said good-bye to the mysterious man. He left the workmen’s café and went to his small basement room. He reflected why the man had proposed to help him realise his project.“Well, I’ll see that tomorrow,” he concluded.

The next day, Johnson got up at 9.00am with a terrible hangover. Usually he was depressive because people tended to abandon him. But today he felt terribly well. He thought that this man was his last chance. At 1.25pm, Johnson went to the meeting place. He found the mysterious man wearing very special clothes. He couldn’t guess what they were exactly for.

—“Well, it isn’t the best place to speak about your project,” the man said.
—“Ok, then where do you want to go?” Johnson asked.
—“First, I must know: are you in great form?” the man asked.
—“I’m in the best form,” Johnson answered.
—“Are you sure?” the man asked again.
—“Sure,” Johnson answered. The man led Johnson into the warehouse. There, a furtive aircraft that could take off vertically had been hidden.
—“Do we actually need this plane?” Johnson asked.
—“This is my aircraft Concorde 777, I am a pilot, and I ask you again – are you ready?”
—“Yes, but why?” Johnson said.
—“You will see,” the mysterious pilot answered.

They went up in the aircraft. The pilot turned on the engines and then the plane took off. Johnson exclaimed “Wow! It’s like in my balloon,”. When the pilot said, “Let’s go”, the aircraft sped up and disappeared in the sky. Johnson was shrivelled in his seat and had bouts of nausea. The pilot was surely joking when he said “Are you sure that you’re in the best form?”

In the sky, the pilot said to Johnson “We are over England,” Suddenly, there was a quick bump in the cockpit.

—“What is it?” Johnson asked.
—“We are reaching our maximal speed,” the pilot said.
—“What is the maximal speed?” Johnson asked.
—“Mach 6”, the pilot answered and now Johnson was even more shrivelled in his seat.

The pilot proposed a riddle:
—”If we travel at mach 6, when will we arrive over the continent?”
Johnson reflected for a while, but it was too long. Thirty seconds later, “You’ve lost the game, professor Johnson,” the pilot laughed.
—“Why? I haven’t found out yet,” Johnson said.
—“We are over Europe now,” the pilot answered. Johnson blushed, ashamed.
Ten minutes later, “Congratulations, professor Johnson,” the pilot said.
—“Why?” Johnson asked.
—“Because scientists rarely arrive awaken over Africa” the pilot exclaimed.
—“What? We are really over Africa?” Johnson couldn’t believe it.
—“Yes,” the pilot answered. And immediately Johnson fainted in the cockpit.

—“We have arrived!” the pilot said. Brusquely, Johnson awoke and said “Oh no! My balloon is broken” because the aircraft landed on an airport. They got off the plane. Johnson observed there was a desert all around and he was sweltering.
—“Welcome to Steintown,” a man said coming towards him.
—“Excuse me…hum,” Johnson said.
—“Oh yes! My name is Commander Black Neiger,” the commander said.
—“No, no…hum, where are the toilets, please?” Johnson asked.
—“There” indicated Neiger.

When Johnson entered the toilets the commander and the pilot laughed out very loud, but they stopped immediately when Johnson came out.
Neiger accompanied Johnson to the town. A gigantic door opened in front of them. A dazzling light welcomed Johnson. “I’m in paradise,” he said. “No, no, right underneath!” the commander joked.

Johnson saw that the inhabitants in the city were wearing white and simple clothes.
So he was surprised when he saw a man in black clothes, a man he couldn’t identify because a helmet hid his face.

—“Who is this man over there?” he asked.
—“This is both a policeman and a soldier, he protects the city from bandits and rebels coming from the external world,” the commander answered. Johnson observed the city again, everybody was walking.

Neiger and Johnson arrived in front of a house.
—“This is your house,” the commander said.
—“What? I have a house here?” Johnson asked.
—“Yes, you’re a citizen of Suncountry,” the commander declared.
—“What is Suncountry?” Johnson asked. ”A country that has been created by a billionaire” Johnson was amazed.
—“Well, I think you are tired” the commander suggested. “I covered half the world in only fifteen minutes, I’m exhausted” Johnson agreed.

Johnson entered his new house. As soon as he had locked the door, he heard a strange noise. “Who is it?” he asked. A synthetic feminine voice said, “Yes, you’re in your home”.

—“Who are you?”
—“Your home” the voice answered.
—“Have you got a name?”
—“No, but you can name me,”
—“Ok, I’ll call you Helene”
—“Thank you, my name is LN,”
—“Please, what time is it, Helene?” Johnson asked.
—“It’s 2.00pm,” she answered. “And at 3.00pm you must hold a conference on your E.B. for the Seven Aces,” LN added.
—“Ok, I must prepare the conference, but what do I need?” Johnson inquired.
—“This,” she said.

The decor of the living room was changed to prepare the conference. A whiteboard appeared on the far wall and another whiteboard in front of it that was divided into eight boxes representing Seven Aces.
—“A question please,” he asked.
—“What is the Seven Aces?” he asked.
—“The Seven Aces is a reunion of seven great specialists of seven sections,” she answered.
—“But what are the seven sections?” he asked again.
—“We haven’t got time to see that now” she replied.
—“Ok, ok, can you draw a circle representing the E.B, please?” Johnson said.
A circle was drawn on the first whiteboard.
—“And, please, add formulas of Archimedes and the theory of Newton,” Johnson added.
—“It’s 3.00pm, it’s time to begin” LN said, as he was sunk deep in his thoughts.

Six people were connected on the second whiteboard.
—“Hello, Professor Johnson, I’m the Ace of Ecology and my name is Thallya.”
—“Hi, I’m the Ace of Sciences, I’m Jack”
—“Hello, I’m Maï Lann, I’m the Ace of Society”
—“Camarade, I’m the Ace of the Military, my name is Vladimir”
—“Hi, my name is Eagan, I’m the Ace of Industry”
—“Hello, I’m the Ace of Diplomaty, my name is Alexandra”

Johnson asked, “Who is the seventh Ace?”
—“I’m the creator of Suncountry,” the billionaire answered before adding, “My name is Daniel”
—“Well, if you want to see your project fulfilled, you must convince us that your E.B. is feasible” Daniel said.
—“Ok, hum… yes… for my S.E.B. I really need a material that can resist the pressure of air but I don’t know what,” Johnson replied.
—“If the material was in carbon, then it would be possible with my discovery,” Jack said.
—“Are you talking about the technology of nanotubes?” Johnson said.
—“Yes” Jack answered.
—“Well, I know this is a fantastic discovery but the record of the longest thread is only one millimeter,” Johnson said, disappointed.
—“You don’t have great information in your world,” Daniel laughed.
—“Why?” Johnson asked.
—“Because your house is in nanotubes,” Maï Lann answered.
Johnson was motionless for a second.

He went along, “Ok, we have the material that I need, when can we begin the project then?”
—“Excuse me, I’m obliged to disagree because this is dangerous for the environment” Thallya objected.
—“No, because we don’t use helium or hydrogen, we use emptiness and I think it’s very cheap, am I right Morgan?” Johnson asked.
—“Oh! Good job Johnson, we can economize very much” Morgan agreed.
—“If you succeed in the project, I can create a new helicopter without a rotor blade,” Vladimir said.
—“Yes, it’ll be a revolution in transport,” Johnson said.
—“Good bye gigantic container ships and planes” Morgan smiled.
—“Good bye ecology catastrophes and oil slicks,” Thallya said.
—“Congratulations Johnson, but the world can be troubled if this is fulfilled” Alexandra said.
—“Why?” Johnson asked.
—“Because we’ll be more powerful than the USA,”
—“This is our problem, we can take care of this later” Maï Lann said.
—“Ok, I’m very glad, are the Seven Aces agreeing to help him?” Daniel asked.
The Seven Aces accepted to help Johnson. He was very satisfied.

The next day, it was 7.00 am, Johnson got up. LN proposed a breakfast to him, he willingly accepted. But the breakfast was frozen.

—“Eh! My breakfast is very cold,” Johnson cried out.
—“Oh! Yes, you don’t know our new food, please put this in the table of the kitchen,” LN said.
The breakfast heated up and changed in such a delicious breakfast that Johnson was lured.
—“How is it possible to do that?” Johnson asked.
—“Breakfast includes nano-heating” LN answered.
—“What is nano-heating?” Johnson asked.
—“This is a very small set that can heat a lot of food and it can be eaten” she replied.
—“What? The Seven Aces have accepted the project of nano-heating?” Johnson asked.
—“Yes” LN answered.
—“Hugh…” he said.

One hour later, Daniel called Johnson:
—“Hello Johnson, your taxi is waiting for you, he’s waiting to take you to go to another town because Steintown hasn’t got the industry to create an S.E.B.” Daniel said.
—“Ok, I’m ready!”

Johnson left his home and went to the taxi. The mysterious car started and accompanied Johnson to a magnetic port. Johnson was very surprised but couldn’t say what it was. The taxi was then attached in a special wagon. Johnson read a message: “Don’t approach the accelerator”. He noticed this was a magnetic tube.

Now, a feminine voice was heard: “Attention please, the magnetic tube will be activated in a few minutes, the time to prepare your road, please don’t leave the taxi magnet”.

—“Well…Oh! It’s a computer,” Johnson said.
—“Yes and I’m the taxi,” the car said.
—“What’s your name?” Johnson asked.
—“My name is E-metro,” the car answered.
—“Oh! Cute name, can you explain to me how it works?” Johnson asked.
—“This is a magnet road and I’m your taxi, my function is to accompany you to your destination,” E-metro said.
—“Do you meet obstacles on some roads?” Johnson asked.
—“Yes, but it’s very rare, if it happens we’ll change road,” E-metro promised.

Another feminine voice said: “Ready!”
—“What?” Johnson asked.
—“Are you ready to go?” the car asked.
—“Yes,” Johnson answered.
—“Are you sure?” E-metro asked again.
—“I dislike this sentence,” Johnson sighed.
—“LET’S GO!!!!”

The taxi accelerated in the magnet tube. Johnson was hitched on his chair. He wasn’t used to traveling in the magnet taxi. Three minutes later, E-metro told Johnson his road was blocked. They changed magnet road. But that day wasn’t a lucky one for Johnson because at the end of the trip a message was written: “Excuse the highway administration for the waste of time, here is your itinerary: Steintown – Jackytown – NewParis – McDonald – New York – … – Washington II – Earthtown – BillGate”

Johnson was very amazed and he asked himself how it was possible to travel fifty towns in fifteen minutes. He didn’t want to discover it however. Eagan greeted Johnson in BillGate:

—“Welcome to BillGate, Professor Johnson”
—“Thank you Eagan,”
—“This is the town that you need for your E.B.”

This was a city of the industry section, a city that had a lot of factories. Johnson was very happy because he advanced to ward his dream: to fly with an empty balloon. They arrived in BillGate, a factory for new projects.

—“Well, it’s time to begin,” Eagan said.
—“ Oh yes!” Johnson replied.

They entered and Johnson saw in a corridor a lot of engineers and technicians. They arrived in front of a cell.
—“What is this small bobbin,” Johnson asked.
—“It contains one billion kilometers of thread of nanotubes,” Eagan answered.
—“We need this for my balloon!” Johnson said, taken aback.
—“Yes of course!” Eagan said.

Johnson was curious to see what was happening in another cell. There were a lot of small spiders:
—“What? Spiders?” Johnson took fright.
—“No, no, these are constructor spiders, we need these for your balloon,” Eagan appeased him.
—“Oh! I’m sorry, but how will you carry my project out?” Johnson asked.
—“A leading robot will be in to make a first structure, a skeleton if you want, the spiders use the thread to complete the skeleton and make a balloon” Eagan answered.
—“You can push button to begin” a technician said.

Johnson was happier and pressed the button. A leading robot started and waited for the spiders. But it was very long:
—“What are the spiders doing?” Johnson asked.
—“We have a small problem, the spiders can’t find one set of thread,” Eagan answered.
—“Can you find a thread five thousand times thinner than a hair,” a technician said.

A few seconds later, the spiders found it and began to complete the skeleton. But before the end of the construction another problem wrapped up:
—“Hum…Sir, we have another problem,” a technician said.
—“What?” Eagan said.
—“Well, the leading robot forgot to leave the balloon before the fastening of the balloon” the technician said.
—“The error is robotics,” another technician said.
—“No, no, the error is humane because we forget to conjecture this problem” an engineer said, worried.
—“Have you got an idea how to repair this?” Eagan asked.
—“Yes, we must decompose the leading robot” the engineer proposed.

The spiders changed function and entered the balloon. They stripped one by one every element of the leading robot.
When they finished, they finished the balloon.
—“Very well, we can have a try” Eagan said.
—“Oh yes, I’m impatient to see this” Johnson said.

They began to fill the balloon with air. But no effect. When they reached 50% of emptiness, there was the first effect: the balloon began to go up. This was the miracle of a lot of people. An engineer said: “ We have found an exception to the theory of Newton, everything that goes up will fall down but not the S.E.B.” This was the best day since Suncountry had been created because a scientist had finally proved an empty balloon could fly.

And then, the innovation changed the world; the S.E.B. took the place of boats ands planes. Men weren’t afraid of oil tanker pollution because the material was very solid and very resistant to any crash. Cars could fly. Humans could fly as in their most secrete dreams.

Written by P@wel KOLECKI.

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